Wednesday, August 3, 2011

IPL ruining Indian Cricket

The whole world has witnessed what happened at Lords and Trent-Bridge The World No 1 team has been defeated comprehensively. Now the question arises , who is to be blamed for this. Captain MSD impugned it on injury, exhaustion and cramped schedule. But who is going to bear the blame, the BCCI and IPL indeed.
After the gigantic success of IPL in 2008, it now seems that IPL is destroying INDIAN cricket day by day. Virender Shewag has missed two T-20 World Cups just by the virtue of this commercial event.If Shewag, Ghambhir and Zaheer have been confronting injuries its because of IPL. BCCI is way too domineering over Indian cricketers

that even Sachin Tendulkar can’t refuse to play IPL, while he takes rest from WI tours and other ODI matches
The players are having a tough time and are dealing with injuries and exhaustion due to IPL.Whenever they complain about injury, the BCCI says they are free to opt out of any tour and the selectors will be ready with replacements. But that claim has been exposed in the England tour.
If in the absence of Sehwag, Gambhir and Zaheer, India lost by 196 runs at the Lord's and by 329 runs at the Trent Bridge, which bench strength the BCCI is talking about? They don't have any strong back-up players who can rise to the occasion and fill up the void.
When Dhoni says he and his team members are tired, he should not be blamed for this. It's high time we disband the IPL and stop hankering after money. Or else, the fate of the Indian cricket is in a jeopardy.

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