Friday, October 28, 2011

Rupee Font : Download Rupee Symbol Font And Use!

As you know that the Indian government has announced official symbol for Indian currency, the Indian Rupee (INR  ). The problem with the rupee symbol is that the rupee symbol character is currently not unicoded and it may take more than 2 years to work it properly. Till then, there is a trick to get rupee symbol in your documents. Here is that:
Well, the trick is simple! You need to download and install a font, Rupee Font, and you will be able to use the new symbol.
How to install the Rupee symbol ?
1. Download the  attached font Rupee.ttf  .
download here
2. Install the font. (It is easy. Just copy the font and paste it in "Fonts" folder in control panel)
3. Start using it. :)

How to type the Rupee symbol ?

We mapped the grave acent symbol - ` (the key just above "tab" button in your keyboard) with the new Rupee symbol. Just select "Rupee" font from the drop down list of your fonts in your application and press the key just above your tab button. It will display our new rupee symbol. Try it.

The "Rupee.ttf" font is necessary to view the currency symbol. So as long as the new symbol is not encoded in to unicode font by default, we cant use the symbol universally.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How to put live similes in Facebook Status

Till now, if you wants to post similes or emotions in your Facebook status, then you might be using smile codes like :) , :P , :D ......
Here is a trick by which you can use live similes or emotion in your status ....

To do this, just follow these simple steps.
    Follow the link to go to "Facade" page. It is an fb app's page.
    Just click on "LIKE" to join the page and then click on "Go to app" button.
  2. Then facebook app will ask you for the permission. Click on "Allow".
  3. Next, you will be redirected to app's page, where you will get lot of similes and text box to write message.
  4. Select whether you want to post on your own wall or post on your friend's wall .See the preview and click on POST to done it.

The above pic shows a example of such a status using live similes .
Hope you will like.
Do comment.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9 reasons why I hate/LOVE Sachin Tendulkar

9 reasons why I hate/LOVE  Sachin Tendulkar
1. He plays a brilliant innings just before my exams and doesnt let me study .
2. Whenever i choose a resolution not to bite my nails , he gets into nineties and i have got no other option .
3. I'm an atheist but,when he gets near a milestone makes me pray God .
4. He makes the whole of India to stay at their edge of seats during his batting , going for even toilet breaks is difficult :-(
5. While watching cricket match in hostel TV room, I even call from my girlfriend because his innings is more important than her call.
6. Whenever i lose hope in God , he plays a straight drive and proves me wrong .
7. He banished my rational thoughts and made me superstitious in every possible way.
8. Makes even stern hearts to cry by getting out.:-(
9. Last thing i hate about Sachin is that he is going to retire sometime in the future ...

Don't leave us forever SACHIN. We all love you. I have never seen god, but have seen god playing cricket in you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

How to Post Blank Status Message in Facebook

So already you can see what an awesome status I just posted blank status .....

Follow the below steps to see how it works .

1. Go to and Sign In.

2. After you Sign In, click in the blank area to write the status update.

3. Now simply hold Alt and type 0173 and then release the button and click on post update.

4. That’s it now you will see your status with just your name and a like and comment option like above in the image.

5. So now you can also comment on your status by again Holding Alt and typing 0173.

So now simply post some blank status updates and comment on your friends status really amazing, so enjoy and if you like this please share this with all your friends.

NOTE 1 : I tried this on my laptop and it did not work and then I shifted to my PC and it worked great so if you are on laptop this may not work for you.

NOTE 2 :
Some users commented that you can use Num-Pad on Laptop to make this trick successful so try it out maybe that can work for you.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

IPL ruining Indian Cricket

The whole world has witnessed what happened at Lords and Trent-Bridge The World No 1 team has been defeated comprehensively. Now the question arises , who is to be blamed for this. Captain MSD impugned it on injury, exhaustion and cramped schedule. But who is going to bear the blame, the BCCI and IPL indeed.
After the gigantic success of IPL in 2008, it now seems that IPL is destroying INDIAN cricket day by day. Virender Shewag has missed two T-20 World Cups just by the virtue of this commercial event.If Shewag, Ghambhir and Zaheer have been confronting injuries its because of IPL. BCCI is way too domineering over Indian cricketers

that even Sachin Tendulkar can’t refuse to play IPL, while he takes rest from WI tours and other ODI matches
The players are having a tough time and are dealing with injuries and exhaustion due to IPL.Whenever they complain about injury, the BCCI says they are free to opt out of any tour and the selectors will be ready with replacements. But that claim has been exposed in the England tour.
If in the absence of Sehwag, Gambhir and Zaheer, India lost by 196 runs at the Lord's and by 329 runs at the Trent Bridge, which bench strength the BCCI is talking about? They don't have any strong back-up players who can rise to the occasion and fill up the void.
When Dhoni says he and his team members are tired, he should not be blamed for this. It's high time we disband the IPL and stop hankering after money. Or else, the fate of the Indian cricket is in a jeopardy.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

How to use some other SIM on BSNL 3G Teracom DATACARD

The LW272 and LW273 3G data-cards of BSNL do not support any other SIM.
On inserting any other Sim it says "Invalid Sim. Data-card will close"

Here is an method by which you can use any other SIM on BSNL 3G Data.
Just Follow the following steps*.

1. Go to Registry edit (Run-> regedit )
2. Search for Linktop3G.
3. In options of Linktop3G. you will see an engineer key. Open it and change its key to 0 from 1 ( by doing this, your data-card will not close on inserting some other Sim)

4.Here I m using Airtel SIM for demonstration. Now make new settings in connection option. for airtel use apn as

5. Now search for the Airtel network. As soon as u get the network.
6. Open the network sharing from control panel. Make a new Dial up connection
7. Use *99# as dialing number . Leave rest options as blank.
8. By following all these steps. You will be connected to internet.

* I m not responsible for any kind of harm happens to your computer or data-card by this steps. Do at it your own risk.