Monday, September 12, 2011

How to Post Blank Status Message in Facebook

So already you can see what an awesome status I just posted blank status .....

Follow the below steps to see how it works .

1. Go to and Sign In.

2. After you Sign In, click in the blank area to write the status update.

3. Now simply hold Alt and type 0173 and then release the button and click on post update.

4. That’s it now you will see your status with just your name and a like and comment option like above in the image.

5. So now you can also comment on your status by again Holding Alt and typing 0173.

So now simply post some blank status updates and comment on your friends status really amazing, so enjoy and if you like this please share this with all your friends.

NOTE 1 : I tried this on my laptop and it did not work and then I shifted to my PC and it worked great so if you are on laptop this may not work for you.

NOTE 2 :
Some users commented that you can use Num-Pad on Laptop to make this trick successful so try it out maybe that can work for you.