Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9 reasons why I hate/LOVE Sachin Tendulkar

9 reasons why I hate/LOVE  Sachin Tendulkar
1. He plays a brilliant innings just before my exams and doesnt let me study .
2. Whenever i choose a resolution not to bite my nails , he gets into nineties and i have got no other option .
3. I'm an atheist but,when he gets near a milestone makes me pray God .
4. He makes the whole of India to stay at their edge of seats during his batting , going for even toilet breaks is difficult :-(
5. While watching cricket match in hostel TV room, I even call from my girlfriend because his innings is more important than her call.
6. Whenever i lose hope in God , he plays a straight drive and proves me wrong .
7. He banished my rational thoughts and made me superstitious in every possible way.
8. Makes even stern hearts to cry by getting out.:-(
9. Last thing i hate about Sachin is that he is going to retire sometime in the future ...

Don't leave us forever SACHIN. We all love you. I have never seen god, but have seen god playing cricket in you.

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